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Effective Federal Crimes Defense

Facing federal charges and the power, authority and resources of the federal government can be overwhelming. And every year Congress creates new federal crimes, making more and more people vulnerable to prosecution. I can help.

Since 2009, I have represented hundreds of South Carolina residents accused of federal crimes. I fight in every case to ensure clients get the very best results possible. Whether your case is in the early investigation stage or you have already been charged, you need an experienced lawyer to take on the government.

With years of experience in federal court first as a public defender and then in private practice, I bring deep experience as a lawyer in federal court and matchless creativity to every case.

I Can Help

Whether you have just received a “target letter” or a summons on an indictment, I can help. If a loved one has been arrested, do not delay! The best defense begins if a federal case begins on day one.

Even if you have been convicted and are awaiting sentencing, there may be more that can be done to ensure the best outcome in your case. I am an experienced federal sentencing lawyer who can help.