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Passionate Defense Of Conspiracy Charges

Criminal law in South Carolina can be complicated. For example, in some cases it takes little more than your participation in a conversation, and suddenly you are guilty of a crime known as conspiracy.

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What Is Criminal Conspiracy?

If you have been charged with conspiracy, you probably have a lot of questions. Under South Carolina law, a criminal conspiracy is formed when at least two people:

  1. Agree to commit a crime, and
  2. Take some action toward that goal

The agreement need not have been explicit, such as a hand shake, but there must be evidence by the actions of the defendants that they had “guilty minds.” An example would be planning another meeting to discuss the planned crime further.

The further action does not have to be much. It could be as little as making a phone call, sending an email or buying a weapon. Even if the conspirators change their minds later and the crime never takes place, they could still be charged with conspiracy.

A Lawyer Who Cares

If you are facing a conspiracy charge, I will help you take on the prosecution. I am passionate about helping regular people assert their rights in criminal court. Because I am a solo practitioner, I will personally handle every detail of your case. I will work closely with you and will not do anything against your wishes. Most importantly, I will do everything possible to keep you with your family and out of jail.

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