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Charged With Computer Crimes? Get A Tough Defense.

State and federal authorities in South Carolina are aggressively pursuing charges against the “dark web” and alleged computer criminals. If you have been caught up in the wave of arrests, you have the right to an experienced and client-focused defense attorney.

The Computer Crimes Lawyer You Can Trust

At Blazer Law Firm, I have more than 10 years of experience practicing criminal defense in the Charleston, South Carolina, metro area. Because computer crimes is a relatively new area of criminal law, I am one of the few lawyers in the region who regularly defends people charged with this sort of infraction.

Identity Theft, Hacking And More

Computer crime charges that I can help you confront include:

It can be terrifying to be charged with a computer crime. After all, if convicted, you could be sentenced to years behind bars, separating you from society and your family.

Fortunately, you do not have to deal with your case by yourself. I will be by your side from the moment we meet, through building an effective defense and until we reach a trial verdict or plea bargain. I have earned a reputation as a tough litigator because I believe everyone is entitled to the best possible legal representation.

Get In Touch Right Away

Before answering questions from the police, call Blazer Law Firm at 843-732-1440. I am pleased to offer free initial consultations. My office is in Mount Pleasant and serves clients throughout the Charleston area.