How can a DUI alter your college career?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2021 | DUI

As someone facing your first DUI charge, you may feel tempted to brush it off. After all, it is only your first one, right? Unfortunately, even one DUI conviction can have permanent repercussions and a big impact on your life. 

This is particularly true if you currently attend college. One DUI conviction has the ability to send your entire college career off its course. 

Financial impacts of DUI

The College Investor discusses how DUI convictions can impact your future in college. First, you could lose your financial backing. Any money given to you from a federal level will almost surely end up revoked. If you received financial grants or gifts from the college itself, you will likely lose these as well. 

Next, the college could bar you from on-campus housing. If you cannot stay there, you must instead pay full price to life off campus. As most colleges are in big cities, the cost of living is often prohibitively expensive. This alone could make the cost of attendance too high for you, especially without financial aid. 

Loss of job opportunities

Your options in college also end up limited. After all, people with DUI convictions cannot apply to several different types of jobs. A few include: 

  • Government positions 
  • Any job that involves working with young children 
  • Any job that requires a commercial driver’s license 

You will likely struggle to gain acceptance even in other fields. There are laws to prevent discrimination against workers with criminal records. Unfortunately, this discrimination still happens every day. You will likely end up sorted out of the top priority no matter how good your skillset and education. 

This is why you should take a DUI charge seriously from the start. If you are facing one, consider contacting an attorney to discuss what to do next.