Cyber stalking can result in felony charges

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | Computer Crimes

The digital world has opened a new world to the legal system. Computer crimes have become more common. Given the different computer related crimes a person may face charges of, it can be difficult to track what the law can and cannot do. One of the crimes that people often find themselves accused of is cyber stalking.

Cyber stalking, according to the FBI is a federal crime under the stalking statute. A person cannot use a computer device or electronic communication service, such as e-mail or social media to put a person in fear of death or serious bodily injury or to put a person in substantial emotional distress. To be cyber stalking, the perpetrator must intend to harm the victim.

Cyber stalking is a violent crime, despite the use of electronic tools. Violent crimes can face serious charges. Prison time and fines are possible with accusations and charges of cyber stalking. To prove cyber stalking, the FBI often has to look to social media accounts and other logs for evidence and a pattern of behavior. While in the past, the two people involved had to be in different jurisdictions, that is not a requirement anymore.

Internet and computer crimes are still relatively new in the justice system. The federal and state authorities put forth a lot of effort to pursue computer crimes and it can cause a ripple effect of arrests throughout the state and country. Fortunately, an aggressive defense can help protect those accused with computer crimes. There is more information on computer crimes on our web page.