Take these steps if you’re pulled over for suspicion of DUI

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Police in the state of South Carolina are cracking down on driving under the influence. If you find yourself pulled over for suspicion of DUI, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be put under arrest. However, since this is a possibility, it’s critical to know what you should and shouldn’t do.

Here are five things you must do if pulled over for suspicion of DUI:

  • Pull over right away: Don’t attempt to evade police in any way. Once you see the lights in your mirror, put on your hazard lights and pull to safety. This typically means the shoulder of the road or a parking lot.
  • Remain polite: Even if you’re 100 percent sober, acting in a disrespectful manner won’t do you any good. Remain polite and respectful so that you don’t give police another reason to think you’re under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Don’t say too much: You can invoke your Fifth Amendment Rights, which means you can remain silent. Saying too much if you’re pulled over by police can result in sharing information that’s used against you at a later date.
  • Don’t make up a story: There’s nothing you can say to an officer to stop them from arresting you if you’re under the influence. Making up a story, such as telling the officer you haven’t had a drink since yesterday, isn’t likely to help. It’s more likely to raise suspicions.
  • Stay calm: If you’re put under arrest, stay calm and remain quiet. The more you resist, the more likely it is that you’ll face additional charges. You’re best off complying with the officer, remaining quiet and taking mental notes of everything that’s happening to you.

When you take these steps, you’ll feel better about your ability to avoid an arrest for driving under the influence.

If you are arrested, take the steps necessary in securing your release from jail as quickly as possible. Once this happens, you can then learn more about your arrest and legal rights.

With the right DUI defense strategy in place, you’ll feel confident in your ability to fight your charges and avoid the serious consequences of a conviction.