Rapper and self-declared scammer charged with identity theft

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A Detroit rapper who rapped about his credit card fraud skills may have kept it a little too real. According to The Detroit News, Jonathan Woods, known as rapper “Selfmade Kash,” wore jewel-encrusted credit card necklaces and bragged about his alleged crimes on social media.

Authorities claim Woods started his fraud in May 2017. The court documents state he stole people’s credit cards. He also allegedly trained other people about how to commit identity theft. Federal prosecutors have charged Woods with wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and possession of unauthorized devices.

He claimed he was the best “swiper” in videos

Wood bragged on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram that he was the greatest “swiper” of all time. A swiper is a person who is skilled at credit card fraud. He also posted videos showing himself with credit cards and credit card skimmers.

Wannabe fraudsters found him through social media

Federal authorities allege that his boastful raps are what brought people to him to learn about credit card fraud. He then charged the people to learn how to search for bank identification numbers (BINs) on the dark web. Prosecutors claim the information he offered people was worthless, along with many of the BINs being nonexistent.

If convicted, Woods could be sentenced to up to 20 years in federal prison.

Identity theft can involve serious jail time

In South Carolina, identity theft is a felony. If you are found guilty of identity theft, you must pay fines and can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison. The court could also order you to pay restitution to your victims.

Identity theft can also be charged at the federal level. A conviction can mean years in a federal prison. If you are facing identity theft charges, it is crucial that you mount a rigorous defense. You should consider speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney about your case.