Day care owner charged with drug possession

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2019 | Drug Charges

On Feb. 14, the male owner of three South Carolina day care centers was arrested for alleged drug possession. He was taken into custody at around 10 p.m. at a sports bar in Greenville.

According to the Greenville City Police Department, the 36-year-old defendant was at the Coliseum Billiards and Sports Bar on Hayward Road when he allegedly caused some sort of disturbance. He then allegedly placed cocaine on top of the bar and asked a male witness if he’d like to have some. When officers arrived on the scene, they searched the defendant and reportedly found a baggie of cocaine in his clothing.

The defendant was arrested and transported to the Greenville County Detention Center for processing. He has been charged with possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. Media outlets reported that he is the owner of three day care facilities in Greenville County. Following his arrest, the defendant’s wife, who co-owns the centers, issued a statement saying that her husband was cooperating with police and entering an in-patient substance abuse facility for “extensive” treatment.

Drug possession and distribution charges can lead to harsh consequences for those who are convicted. Depending on the amount of drugs involved, sentences can involve years in prison and heavy fines. However, a criminal defense attorney could investigate the case and then begin to construct a strategy to counter the allegations. In some situations, it might be advisable to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution that could lead to a reduction of the penalties in exchange for a guilty plea.

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