Guarding against digital crimes

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2018 | Computer Crimes

South Carolina residents could be victims of crimes committed using a computer or similar device. For instance, they could have their information stolen by someone who put a virus on a computer or into a computer network. Individuals could also have their information copied, stolen or damaged by the work of a criminal. It is generally not a good idea to put personal information online or to give it to a stranger through electronic means.

Accounts should be protected by strong passwords that are changed routinely. Online banking, shopping and other financial tasks should be done on a secure private network. Individuals should also be sure that they know and trust the source of any software that they want to download. Downloading from unknown sites could result in malware or spyware getting onto a computer. Parents should be on guard against those who act inappropriately toward minors online. Those who hear about children being targeted may want to report it to the Department of Justice.

Children and adults alike may be the target of cyberbullies. This may take the form of sending hateful messages or creating fake profiles in a person’s name. It may also result in the spreading of personal information through social media or similar means. Such actions can be reported to the FBI for further investigation.

An individual may have his or her reputation tarnished by accusations of possessing child pornography. This may also occur after being accused of other online or digital crimes. In some cases, an individual may be terminated by an employer for being charged with a crime. Having an attorney may help individuals clear their name or otherwise obtain favorable outcomes in their cases.